Fishing in Saxony

Recreation in the Mulde river valley. Rochlitz offers a lot of opportunities for leisure. Visiting the more than 1000 years old castle, walking through the beautiful old town center or do a hiking tour on the Rochlitzer Berg.
Fishing is a wonderful activity you can enjoy in Rochlitz and its surroundings as well. The only thing saxon law requires is having a fishing permit. The permit consists of two documents. First you need to have a general license for fishing, the Gastfischereischein (Tourist Fisheries License). You need to apply for it at the Saxon Department of Agriculture. Please use the application form. Unfortunately we could find the form in German language only.
The Tourist Fisheries License is valid for 30 days from its date of issue. Use the Tourist Fisheries License for buying a fishing ticket (e.g. in the Anglertreff). Enjoy your fishing trip.

For more information just have a look to the official brochure ‚ Fishing „Up To Date“ ‚.

Tight Lines! or say it the German way: Petri Heil!

PS: We don’t want to conceal the official article in English language of the Saxon Department of Agriculture. There you will find information flyers in English, Polish and Russian language.